Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. 04, 2009 - Bakemonogatari ep 13 out,rahhhhhhhhh!!!


Yay ^^!! its finally out. Its not the same awesome resolution as usual due to "that whole webstream thing." I think its around 640x320?maybe 640x360? I dunno, but its not 1280x720 - insert sad face here- , oh well though, I'm just glad that there's not another delay to ep13. Now its time for delays for ep 14,hahahaha. Been busy lately, but updates and such are to be posted soon( if I can get more than a 15 minute free window...)
but hopefully, a real posting soon. later til later.

screen cap courtesy of Random curiosity Anime Blog


Hiroshi said...

I can't wait for episode 14 to come out! I really want to see/hear the OP for the neko arc. (>.<)

C.R. said...

ditto to that. I wanna see what neko-tsubasa does next!