Monday, October 5, 2009

Merchandise links

Merchandise Links - Links to shops for all your hobby,figure,anime, memorabilia needs. If you can't find what you're looking for on most of the links here,try again on the last 2 links. They've always worked out for me ;)

-Hobby Search - Large site for anime goods (Shipping can be a pain if you live in the states)
-Hobby Link Japan - Like Hobby Search, but not as large a selection.(more shipping options though.)
-ImageAnime -New York based Anime Store.
-ToysLogic - Great for Figurines and pre-orders.
-KidNemo - Not just Anime goods.
-Kotobukiya Store - Kotobukiya goods.from comic book characters to SRW model kits.
-Gundam Store and More - Great for your gunpla and general gundam wants.(great shipping if you're in the states.)
-G-System-Shop - Expensive(but incredible) resin kits.
-EntertainmentEarth - Large selection of everything.
-BigBadToyStore - For the kid in you.
-FigureRealm Store - For the kid in you that likes the old stuff or just wants to kitbash like crazy.
-Cospa - Pretty much one of if not the largest group for anime/cosplay clothing related goods.
-Ebay - When you can't find it anywhere else and price starts to matter less, just gimmi gimmi!
-Amazon - Can't just use Ebay,gotta cover all your bases now, gimmi gimmi!

Thanks to all who helped spread info of sites/links to keep everyone in the "know." If anyone would like to further add to this link in any way,feel free to drop a URL in the comments or Email me.Thanks.