Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oct. 08, 2009 - GANTZ MOVIE????WHA???

Surfing the Rss feed, I stumbled across this. WHOA. I don't really know how to respond. I saw Gantz and read some of the manga. Making it "ok" for general audiences? I dunno bout that. Its nihilistic theme is best "shock delivered" with gratuity and violence.It's really quite the series. I really enjoyed it,but I also know that its probably not for everyone. Also, another Manga/anime made live-action? One part of me is a little worried and conflicted and another excited since I'm a fan of Gantz. We can only wait to see the results and try to have an open mind to fully enjoy the newly presented medium.(least that's what I tell myself,HaH!)Thanks to the Blogger's RSS for this post, INTERESTING!

Original article:

Hiroya Oku's sci-fi action manga "GANTZ" is being adapted into two live-action films planned to be released in 2011. The movies will star Arashi's Kazunari Ninomiya and actor Kenichi Matsuyama. Shinsuke Sato is directing the film and will use lots of CG and the producers are aiming to make the film suitable for general audiences, which means that it may likely lack the violence of the original manga.

Although Kei and Masaru are high school students in the manga, their characters will be older in the movie. Kei has been turned into a college student looking for work, while Masaru is already working and taking care of his younger brother. The two childhood friends happen to meet again on a subway platform.

Oku's manga is still being serialized, but the two movies will tell a complete story with an original ending.

Filming is scheduled to start next month. The first movie is expected to hit theaters in winter 2011, while the second is slated for spring 2011.

Kazunari Ninomiya as Kei Kurono

Kenichi Matsuyama as Masaru Kato

I just started watching Gantz few days ago and there`s too much violence in it! Will post my first impression some other time!^^

"GANTZ" has been serialized in Young Jump since 2000. Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are two young man who should be dead after a train accident, but they are summoned back to life by an entity known as GANTZ. Under GANTZ's orders, the two are repeatedly sent on missions to fight against alien beings. So far, 26 volumes of the manga have been released in Japan, selling more than 10 million copies combined. Read more

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brownkidd said...

ugh. I REALLY hope they don't tone it down TOO much. But I guess when it comes down to it, the Gantz story is good enough that it should be able to carry it's own weight without the need for shock value.

C.R. said...

Crossed fingers*(please don't crush the awesomeness of gantz, movie studios.)

Nishi said...

Oooh damned( I wanted make Gantz movie when finish uni and will have name of film director. Heh I hope they choose good actor for Nishi because I near same look like Nishi and even something same and my and his character great character)