Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 04, 2009 - Superman.Batman.Public Enemies Review.

You thought Bromance was really something? Try superhero Bromance-DC style.hahaha,got enough attention? good. I'll try not to spoil anything in this review. SBPE is I believe the first film with this much inspired Ed Mcguiness & Dexter Vines art style in it. Although that's not necessary a bad thing. All your big bads and goody goods look like the super stylized steroid induced supers you'd expect. The art style works out really well for the action sequences and there are plenty of them. Sound was fine,nothing stood out in my mind.

While It appears to be maybe more Superman than Batman(luthor,no joker), there are still plenty of baddies on both sides coming out of the wood work. Some are more known and popular and some are more of a b-type class of thug/villain. You'll see many from Grood to Hush,bane to the freeze crew, all in a frickin battle royale.However,cool superhero Foil occurs between superman and batman at one point which was kinda cool.

That being said, there's not much more. The story isn't as deep as some would like,but how deep can you go with a setup like this: Economy sucks,Luthor buys presidency, Luthor doesn't suck at it, superheroes get bored since crime is down, Giant planet killer rock flinging toward Earth, Luthor has Superman lookin like a bad guy, bats rescues supes, manhunt ensues,BATTLE ROYALE.(as can be shown on trailer.) Hahaha,still really enjoyable to watch. One thing that bothered me was what was supposed to be the mutual respect between 2 awesome superheroes and their friendship....nay,it was brokeback metropolis all over that place,heh. Seriously though, there were some parts here and there that just seemed alittle too much Bromance for a story like this. Oh and an interesting "side effect" apparently when batman is around others- Ol' bats is generally a dark character.he's a brooder. Supes normally is more Anti brooder. Put bats next to him in a film, and he's more smashy smashy than talking anything over and kinda a stubborn A-hole.little bit. heh, least he's not campy though ^^;

Overall, I enjoyed SBPE; I had a general idea of what was to be expected and it did what it was supposed to do for me,entertain. If you're alright with with minimal story pushing,massive action throughout, and the reason why power girl broke toyman's goggles(rofl),then you'll be fine. IF, you want a more super, intense, dramatic, suspense, crazy interwoven story involved film,maybe your expectation from the Dark knight to here are wee bit high(especially since this is a more kid friendly pg-13 animated feature)If you liked green lantern-first flight,you'll probably enjoy this.

Oh I just can't quit you,Clark.(Bahahahaha,superheroes are gonna super beat me.)