Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct. 03, 2009 - Japanese alcoholic vending machines.

So if you don't know by watching the discovery,science,or travel channel,you'll probably see it in movies and in anime. Vending machines.and quite a bit of em. Not just for small daily bento lunches or soda and tea. Also there are beer vending machines.However, unlike a cigarette vending machine, no need to swipe or scan your ID for proof of age(although there's no camera atm style so if you had a friend/older sibling/parent's ID,it wouldn't really stop you from cigarettes either.)Also, they're usually located outside of big major cities and such. So one can expect to see this sorta thing in say, Okinawa?
Similar, there's also an alcoholic beverage thats usually served in festivals.It's alcohol concentration is quite low and the drink is said to be very healthy so its served without an age restriction.(least this is what I read about) With all this, it seems that there are many opportunities for underage drinking and such,yet America is still actually seen higher at risk of alcohol related incidents.interesting. Could this be an effect to exposure freely of such things? There are plenty of European countries with a low drinking age or very liberal enforcement of such laws.Then again, the legal blood alcohol content in america is 0.08 while japan is 0.03 and some places like the czech republic are said to have a zero tolerance law about it.(so its written.) Hmm, interesting. Is there any interesting vending machines in your neck of the woods? and what are your thoughts about this sort a thing?