Monday, October 5, 2009

Anime Links

Anime Related Links - Links for all your anime,music, and fansub needs.

-Random Curiosity Anime Blog - Anime Blog & discussion
-Anime News Network - General news network for anime related
-AniDB - Anime Datebase
-Anime Suki - Anime/Fansub torrent Tracker
-Baka-Updates - Anime/Manga info/DL Network
-Fansub Wiki - Wiki for Fansub group info and projects
-Anime Eden - DDL for manga/anime,etc.
-The Hylia - DDL for Anime
-AnimeBreaker - Large network for Anime,manga,music,etc.
-AniKat Network - Same as Animebreaker
-Cyber 12 - DDL/small size streaming for anime
-GetFansub Wiki - Wiki for Fansub Anime DL
-Thai-Fansub DDL - Useful for Anime DDL and music
-Nipponsei - For all your Anime/J-tunes needs
-Anime Paper -Anime related wallpapers and scans
-Moe Imouto - Tag based search engine for Anime related images(*NOTE* -this site has no age filter so enter at your own discretion.)

Thanks to all who helped spread info of sites/links to keep everyone in the "know." If anyone would like to further add to this link in any way,feel free to drop a URL in the comments or Email me.Thanks.