Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 04, 2009 - PG OO gundam images,yup yup.

Special thanks to Vandalier from for these pics of upcoming PG 00 gundam kit. I think this might've been at that demonstration display I read about earlier last month.. Or Vandalier is actually an awesome secret spy who busted into Bandai to show who's boss.Or I'm wrong on both counts. Regardless, nice to see something thats not covered in a drape or line art. Its lookin good right now. It should be due out soon. no pics of the clear parts,big close ups, or the special stand yet. I hear that normally, not alot of PG kits actually get stands so this model actually having one is sort of a big thing,especially since its sorta a dynamic "winged/binder/more space than land" kit so those in air poses will definitely benefit from a stand. Plus, with an inner frame,some electronics,sometimes metal parts/screws, I bet not just any stand will do. (not sure if that kinda price still justifies it though).Will look forward to more pics later as the release date approaches.