Friday, October 9, 2009

Oct. 09, 2009 - Vegi's & Meat.

It's been a little bit since I've done a food related post so I figured I do one. That and I happened to be too poor to go eat out today so I had to make due at home :(
Today is one of the few instances where I actually have a good amount of vegetables.(what can I say? I'm typically a basic meat and potatoes kinda guy...less it be curry. ^_^)

First we have Phở, actually its vegi Phở. Lots of vegi-health-conscious people out there and can't have them missing out on Phở now,can we? Its cooked the same way as normal Phở is without the beef bones or meat related ingredients. Everything else,pretty much stays the same. Served with vegi-meatballs,tofu, and other non meat toppings.For slight comparisons, this is regular Phở.

With it is a quick fry up of some leftover beef I had (usually used in Phở) with some vegetables ala wannabe salad style. I actually really don't eat at all. This is the closest I get. If I do start getting more on the eating healthy binge, all my salads will probably have plenty of croûtons,cheese, and lots of meat. For now, I do it for saving money.meat can be a bit pricey sometimes here.(my poor wallet,ah my poor wallet.)