Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov. 13, 2009 - 1/144 Linebarrel Model kit Review

Alright, so about more than a year ago, I bought this model kit.2 to 3 months pass and then I get around to starting it. bits and bits over the course of like 7 weeks go by and I finally finish it. too lazy to snap pics, I put it up on a shelf and let it collect dust for almost 3 months. And here we are. With these pictures and review, I'll finally finish up the linebarrel project in all its completion.

And yay, new hobby cutting mat. ^^
Sculpt and design:

I love the design of linebarrel (and the Z.O.E. mech designs as well). Kotobukiya kits have tons of tiny pieces for all the little details. No stickers here, folks ^^; The only thing I'm gonna nitpick about(and its not that big of a deal) is the arm scabbards. they're not actually accurate to anime or manga. But they're not sculpted or designed badly,just not accurate to source.Overall, I don't really have complaints about the look of this kit.
The kit itself doesn't come with alot, but what it does have is all good stuff.

shiny and pointy*

Articulation on this model isn't too bad, but it could be better in certain areas. Neck/head movement is really great, double bend elbows & knees,swivel waist and ball-jointed upper torso,legs are on decent ball joints and can do a spread leg pose,but no splits.arms can go arc back and forth from torso via ball-joint. angled swivel for shoulder/arm rotation with swivel shoulder armor. upper arms have pegged ball joint for some free movement. Arm scabbards swivel as well. Tail stabalizer swivels and skirt armors all move slightly. my complaint here lies with the odd arm movement. While it is possible to pose the arms, its not as easy as typical Bandai kits and could cause problems for some if not careful. Except for that one note, plenty of articulation on this model kit to pull off all those big action poses.(even better with kotobukiya's awesome stand it come with^^)

Additional details:

While Kotobukiya kits have a crapload of small bits and pieces for lots of details, there is a little bit of painting to be done. The lower leg's small circle vent needs some of that offset bone white on it. Some gold panel lining on skirt armor,face, shoulders as well. Tail stabilizer's verniers needs some touch ups also along with some more "white" detailing for the areas around the spine. Swords/sword handles come molded in all grey/black so some more paint there,too(grr).
Not really anything too hard to paint,but still gotta do it.


an awesome stand, crazy detail, pointy swords. another set of hands( 1 set for holding swords, 1 set of open hands/claws)
Pre build paint treatments:

Airbrushed metallic black for all grey parts, silver/clear red for red parts, gold for yellow parts, silver/clear green for all green parts.

For linebarrels fan I might reccomend. If you like articulation heavy figs/models, I'd say go for the N.E.X.T. or the chogokin versions for their superior articulation. I like the look of the model kit more though. Oh yeah, If anyone goes for the model kits, get the overdrive version. It has everything this kit has along with some additional parts(flight parts, and overdrive open vent parts, and executor weapon). Despite the long drag out I had with the paint treatments and general construction of this kit, I really enjoyed it and like it alot. And with that, I end this project,whewwwwww*. Next up later will be the completed 1/144 gundam rx-78-2 30th ann. version model kit review. Later til later.
moritsugu reiji!!!!!,rawwrrrrrr!!!

"You're the worst" -manga
"you make me sick" -anime

1/144 Kurogane no Linebarrel - Linebarrel model kit