Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Mwahahaha, Izzy here commandeering C.R.'s blog for a post since he won't do it himself.SO I'll be nice and do it for him. A few days ago, I found a deal on a fatwallet(if you haven't checked it out, you should. Especially, if you like craigslist.)So tonight, we dined at Piranha's - killer sushi. It's been a while since either of us had sushi, I think. Pics were snapped from mi Iphone. Lots of delicious din din. Fun time. Enjoy ;)

Sashimi rolls,yum(tuna,whitefish,salmon,cucumber.)
Birthday rolls.(shrimp tempura,oyster,tuna, and avocado)
Vegetable tempura,double yums.^^
seasoned nori salad(seaweed, sesame, and other herbs.)
C.R. prepping for chowdown time.
He said he'll only have one since he has work tomorrow...
Hard at work, mr. "I'm a lightweight, I don't really drink and I work tomorrow", C.R.?

By the end of the night, Most of our bill was sake thanks to certain "someone." He seemed to have fun so that's all that matters. Hehe, I'm sure he'll have more fun when he wakes up and has to work in the morning. Izzy signing off. Catch my cooking Vlog at Justin.TV. bye bye, recipients of ProjectEAE.