Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010 - Another Century's Episode: R (A.C.E. - R)

So who here has ever heard of A.C.E.? If you've played any gundam games, armored core games, or the SRW games, then you might've heard of it. Awesome game. Announced some time back, episode: R will be on the ps3.YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!(>_<)!!!!!!! the first 3 games have never been released in the U.S. so that meant having a modded or another region's ps2 in order to enjoy the awesome mech beatdowns^^. Thank you sony, for making all ps3 games region free. Combine that with an excuse to bone up and practice kanji, and kick major mech ass, and we have an awesome time to be had. And if all fails, there's plenty of people who drop quick translation notes on how to play so this is definitely on my must have/play list. Anyways, enjoy the PV below. You'll notice awesome mechs from many popular series in it. ( VFs from Macross Frontier, lancelot from code geass, Overman king, arbalest from full metal panic, aquarion, crossbone gundam, zeta gundam, destiny gundam, and so much freakin more!

Screenshot from IGN