Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010 - May Updates

So I just realized that I haven't made time to throw a post down for May yet or do an update post.

Things have really been a bit hectic here lately IRL. Work's been absolute murder with all the events and changes in Company direction,woot. Since things are in such a transitional period right now, resources preservation and time management is super Nazi enforced right now so with work comes stress.yay. o_0"

On another side on things, due to time constraints, future plans, and mostly international red tape, the gang's trip has been pushed to Beginning of New years and will only be 3 months now. That means more time for saving, and working on "kinks" on the home-front.whew, that's one less thing to have to mess with for now. just gotta get back into studying again( I'm so damn behind [>_<]!)

The last few weeks did have a snag since Hours have been cut with an increase to the workload( at both jobs) plus there was a machine that needed repairs so just when the level of debt was nearing green levels, We're back in the middle of the yellow,total lame sauce.

Still, with only a matter of months away from major developments, we can't afford to be disorientated, confused, or distracted. SO many things to do, prepare, and get taken care of. The list can be crushing at times:

-Get the area ready.
-Having dedicated area for set purposes will give me room to do all the projects that having been stacking for 2 months. This will eat up time, keep me at home and have less spending.
-Repay debts.again
- I was on track to having all debts settled before July, but some new developments have caused things to "shake a bit." With the area ready, debts can be worked toward at an increased rate.
-T.S. is being a punk. not completely his fault though...
- The cat's being a monster lately. He's not getting enough attention since I've been busy lately. That and He has some things that are needed. Things that cost money. Like I said,monster.
-Making use of insurance.
- There's insurance being paid that I haven't been using for things I need.hmm, gotta do that,too.
-Study, study, study!
-Been very bad about this. gotta catch up with current material and catch with material I haven't even started on.(bah, I need a tutor![>_<])
- Saving for trips.
- I expect most of the list to be done before my August trip.(very doable, but a pain in the butt.) After that, I'll return, work some more, finish up anything leftover and save for the trip again. Hopefully, no craziness will ensue that'll eat up trip money,again.

Aside from that, since I plan to hit the ground hard running as soon as I get back to the states, I want everything to be up, prepped, and ready to rock before I leave on trips so I won't have anything impeding me from work or school. That means, I have until the first trip to New York in mid August to get the room/office/workshop ready. We're about halfway done with gathering materials and moving things around. I expect things to be finished within two weeks time and then an additional week to reset all my tech and gear so things will be clean and ready for usage when I return. With the area ready, I can fully take advantage of easily working, studying, and doing other projects. After that, I can work on more finance related things,ugh. That and that whole studying thing, bigger ugh. Hobby Updates in 2 weeks hopefully^^;

p.s.- no idea why card crusher is the pic for this post...