Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010 - Back from RL, I bringeth gifts of the progress pictured kind

Is ProjectEAE back and active again??

So its been quite some time since I've updated last. I've also had a few changes and been doing many things. However, with so much needed vacay time coming up- I can stop neglecting this, my vids, my hobbys, pretty much everything so yay for vacations!!So lets start with some questions regarding this blog-

Q:How active will you try to be from now on?

A:No clue. I'll try to put forth more effort since I'm back again, but no guarantees. But don't fret, I even lurk on my own site.

Q:Why haven't you been covering anything about animes or movies?

A:Gotta watch em first.

Q:Ever gonna get back to the hobby work?

A:Progressing back into it as you read this.

Q:What's up with food posts? I'm tired of looking at card crusher and egg in the basket.

A:Ask and ye shall receive.

Q:Should I totally follow this blog again and start commenting?

A:Damn straight. if there's feedback, I'm more likely to keep up with it.

And with that, I'll end this post and begin the posting update storm.Oh yeah, if you haven't seen scott pilgrim vs the world in theatres yet- go see it. major wicked. If you don't, you run the risk of an EPIC fail.