Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010 - Room Tour!

After lots of renovation, buying new stuff, throwing away old stuff, and reworking around things, the room is stable. Actually, its been done for a good time. This is still an open project as there as still things on the list to finish buying, installing, etc. But, lets take a look at how the set up is now.

The Display Area
A shelf for MG's of course
Currently used by Code Geass
kits, I'll probably change items on here pretty frequently.
A shelf for 1/144 scale kits, right now-00 kits
Some Misc. Figures that fit in any particular category
A pathetic area for pvc figures.must expand on this...
Shelf for Max Factory goods, like figmas
You gotta have a spot for revoltechs!
Dante and Revy OTP?? wha???
Dangaioh is an awesome piece that everyone should check out.
And for those who like evas, but prefer the smaller sizes from old school revoltechs, mini revoltechs are really great.
GUYVER!!!!!well, guyver I that is, from the bio fighter collection. Amazingly awesome piece with crazy articulation.sad the line ended so they're all crazy pricey now.
And the most awesome mech shelf of course.
On one end, we have the ARX-8, Laevatein armed to kick ass. I hope it shows up in the next season of FMP this fall.crossed fingers >.<**
And such a shelf would not be complete without the gurren lagann. Now I just need the flight pack...
The older ARX-7 Arbalest, less armored but packing the lambda driver and duel shotguns.
Small Bookcases for Manga,blurays,dvds,artbooks,out of date reference books, graphic novels, some other misc reading material.
Some little items on display under my only framed poster up right now and the first wall rack used for comics
Another wall rack for comics(work in a comic shop, gotta take "work" home.), my to do board(which I avoid constantly^^;), some toki doki(damn little addictive little things.), and some posters I got with some games.(not just games, awesome games!)
My louging/sleeping area. Comfortable, yes? heh, it turns into a full bed. though I only sleep in bed mode on days offs.
Workstation #1. This is where the media server links up. Where video work, encoding, and graphic work(been a while since I had a project though) gets done. Its an offline unit as there's lots of data that I can't risk getting slammed from corruption and viruses just because its connected to web.Unfortunately, internet's never 100% secure and safe,y'know??
XN near my hobby work area next to tools and paints...
At workstation #2! Made from some closet free space and a whole saturday.(twas a pain to do though) This is where my old clunky laptop now acts as a secondary desktop thats connected to web and is for personal use, recreation,etc. Also where Hobby work gets done.

WFC Prime guarding my notebook and peripherals. If you haven't, play War for Cybertron.
>_>So many kits to do....
Many boxes for revoltech and pvc's. Yay for collector friendly jpn toy packaging?yeah?YEAH!
My home theater area. Really want a 360 Slim soon to go with my upgraded original 60gb(now 500 GB) monster! This is the grandfather of ps3's and still the best version as far as features.( The day it dies on me, I will mourn.Mourn heavily.)
Project Screen and Front speakers. The screen was such a pain to install. Speaker system isn't holy audio goodness for audiophiles, but I think 1000 watts for a 13 x7 room is more than sufficient.
My lonely projector up there by its lonesome. I totally cheated and am using a "for computer use" projector instead of "approved" for home theater use. Same specs, about $1200 cheaper. Still got 600 plus hours left on the lamp and I've had it for 2 years so far. no complaints.

And that ends the room tour. While still not complete as a project for renovating, its as stable as its gonna be for a few months. Next post will be a mech related post or an anime related post. Which will it be? Gunpla? TF? Fall anime schedules and thoughts? recomended shows for the current season? what will it be? what should it be??? heh, Alright thats it for the tour and the post. Time for work.

Question for the post: How's your room set up? DO you like it?

If you like looking at workstations and rooms and such, check out the otacool books. reallly great spaces and rooms.