Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7, 2010 - Slowly coming back. priorities and where everything lies.

Its been quite a long time hasn't it? no no, I haven't forgot about this little piece of internet. IRL has just been insanely busy. That and I suppose my priorities have suffered among other things. I suppose things have slowly culminated up to a point which is a bit of a shame that it had to happen before I did something about it. Instead of letting myself fall into a rut from overworking and stretching myself too thin, I ended up doing the opposite in a sort of way. I became very lazy and shut off in ways more than one. Both works have suffered very much due to my faults. One is still ok, and while my quality of work still remains, my efficiency has drastically dropped below standards that I should be very ashamed and embarrassed about. The other one...well, things aren't looking so great right now and while I do very much believe the situation is a bit drastic, I do hold some responsibilities in not being as capable in preventing potential issues occurring. Its been a long couple of months, but the last 72 hours have been particularly more stressful.

Oddly though, stress and pressure always seem to really force me to adapt,change, and give me clarity at times. I suppose its my way of coping or reacting when things get to the point where I can't just be passive or laid back anymore. Or something along those lines. Anyways, in this case- I guess I snapped out of it, whatever it was. It may be too late and damages may already be in motion, but I'm already in motion so I'll try to do as much as I can when I can at this point. First things first, re-prioritize everything. I have many responsibilities that haven't been attended to properly so gotta remedy that. Next is to fulfill any outstanding obligations. This may refer to things I put off or continuing things I started. This blog being one of the things I need to jump back on top of; doing this blog is another thing that helps me stay structured and focused, much like my hobby work(which has suffering as well).

Long post short, I'm back after falling off the "wagon", but I'm back nonetheless. If somehow, things work out- I'll have a very fresh reminder as to why to not let things fall and become as they did. Anyways, sorry for being gone for so long. Now to commence mass posts of many things that have been in the noggin that should be posted.Thanks for reading.

P.S.- why is sinanju & unicorn destroy pic posted? I recently got around to watching my copy of Gundam UC at lunch earlier this week. so dam awesome, I feel bad for not watching til now.