Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wish list or Want list?

So we're about one week from Thanksgiving so I guess its safe to say we're pretty much in the holiday season ^^: ( I even saw some homes already rockin their christmas lights in full swing!)

I've been seeing more and more posts and videos about and asking about what are on people's list. That may be wish or want list(there's a difference. Wish list are for things you want, but not get otherwise(house,car]. And Want is you want it, and you'll probably get it eventually[figs,games,etc.]) and can be from things from gunpla,figures, to anything else. I thought I'd share my list and ask what everyone else has on theirs. Not quite sure if these fall under a want or wish. I want it,but won't be getting it anytime soon probably. I will get it though.Maybe not by christmas or new years though. That makes it...want?wish??gah,moving on to the list!

Hobby Japan reserve subscription
Hobby Japan subscription for a year from J-list
Price: $258.00 usd(shipping included)

There's a revolving pay per issue, but I think the flat fee for a year is a better deal for me($21.50 per issue). The other option is to have a sibling in NY pick it up for me at kinokuniya and ship it over, but I don't wanna hassle her.Plus the price point doesn't add up. Its about $20ish there for a reg issue, $35 for an issue with a prize.Then she still has to ship it. The $21.50 per issue from J-list is set so thats reg issues or prize included issues. and that includes shipping. I'd really love to not have to depend on scans.(nothing wrong with that, but having it in person is so much nicer to me^^)The sub price is definitely a bit steep though so I'll have to definitely wait when I have money to really burn.(maybe after income tax return??)

DX Chogokin Aquarion which is an amazing Goliath of a mech. Additional pics at HLJ or just search on google(mugen punch is epic)
Price: $348.90 usd (Shipping included)

From the moment I saw this monster in ACE:R, I was insanely curious. Next thing I know, I'm playing it, watching series and movies left and right and now I want my own aquarion to mugen punch the $%@# outta my other mech figs when they get out of line^^: Another big boy toy definitely,heh.

Xbox 360 Slim 250gb with Kinect
Price: retail - $399.99(without tax)

Not that I'm unhappy with my upgraded old 60gb PS3(these day sporting a 500gb 7200 rpm HDD though. can you believe the stock hdd is only 5400rpm??cell processors,bd drive and I get a 5400rpm drive? what tech blasphemy.) but I've been meaning to get one of these for a while now. I even gave my elite to my friend to spur me on to get one.(also he probably had more use for it than me at the time)Months after its release,still nada. I WILL HAVE YOU, SLICK AND SEXY DEVIL! Also, might as well try out kinect while I'm at it ;)

Double action top fed airbrush and mini air compressor (badger,tamiya,paasche,any)
Price:$$$(depends on brand,product,and where from)

I haven't been really into my hobby work lately, but one thing that I did alot when I was knee deep in it was paint treatment out the wazoo. figs,models,anything really. Sorta my way of "marking" my stuff. in a giving stuff my own personal touch sorta way.(Is there a way to explain this without leaving opening for jokes??) I used to use this huge full size 6 horsepowered compressor.loud as hell and space killer to boot. It was that or using CO2 cans( which any real airbrush user will tell you, totally waste. Absolutely right, but when you gotta make do, you gotta make do.) It'd be great to get back into things full swing with top notch tools to rock it out at the hobby station ^^

Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote
Price: retail -$299.99(without tax)

I have a projector centered home theater in my room currently. 5.1 sound,my ps3, tv digituner, 5 disc stereo,etc. It a project that I'm fairly proud of doing.Everything was also set up to have remote operations so a universal remote could really be the metaphorica "cherry on top" for this. Sadly, I still do not have one and am currently using 6 remotes for home theater operations. Not a big deal as I know what does what, but it'd be nice to have ease of use. When I saw my uncle a long time ago with his harmony 1000, I was just blown away by how aweome it was. I know there's tons of tablet style u-remotes, but I totally dig the 1100. When I redid my room for the home theater, I even made a spot for it when I would get it right next to my psp go crade!{>.<}!
blazblue continuum shift limited edition U.K. edition - HMV
Price: £44.49( or about $71.06 usd)(shipping included)

This is where having a PS3 really payed off. Being able to play any region games without extras needed can be really nice, but wanting a special edition for a game you want where your country only released regular editions and ACTUALLY being able to get it and play it is hella awesome.
Plus I want that Noel nendo petit ^^;(Have only recently started to get nendos, but I really want to add her to my collection.)Oh, and I'm a total sucker for special editions.

Blazblue Artbook available from Japan - Ebay
Price: $57.99 usd (Shipping included)

I originally had the small art book that was exclusively available online for gamestop Calamity Trigger pre-orders(which was nice,but kinda small), then my cat peed on it!!little bastard...he's fixed now, but I still had casualties T.T
But thanks to that incident, when I went online to look for a replacement- I saw something better. An artbook that was released for the psp version in Japan. 144 pgs and even has a dust jacket.snazzy. A friend of mine was able to snag one of the few last ones HLJ had a while back. Saw it.AMAZING. My shelf is lookin lonely waiting for the spot to be filled...and its still waiting.

PG Astray Red Frame Model Kit Sp. Edition
Price: $200-250(before shipping)

Its just so damn awesome. Its not as epic as the pg mk II titans or the zaku2 or the rx-78, but I still like it. Plus I was totally digging the designs before I even knew what it was or even saw an episode of any gundam series. Plus, giant mech with giant katana? How does that not qualify for instant want?? The SP. Release comes with clear parts, a katana base, and ANOTHER KATANA. I've also never had a PG kit before so I'd like to try one out.

[close] Vardant (Plastic model) Item picture2
[close] Vardant (Support Medium-range Version) (Plastic model) Item picture5
Both the 1/144 Vardant kits for Kurogane no linebarrel
Mid range unit Price: $25-40(before Shipping)
Reg. Version with binders Price: $75-90(Shipping included)

Why oh Why didn't I get both when I had the chance??? Now its barely available online and costs have reflected its scarcity. I'm such a big fan of the mech designs in Kurogane no linebarrel and Zone of the enders(same designer). If I get my hands on both, I'm combining their awesomeness into one kit and giving it a "real grade" paint scheme, meaning different shades of blue to really make the details pop. Koto kits are best painted and not just straight built and the vardant has the potential to be even more beastly than it already is! My Linebarrel model totally needs a partner to share the shelf and cross swords with ^^;


ASUS Eee PC 1215N-PU17-BK


OS Provided:
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
CPU L2 Cache:
Widescreen Display:
Max Resolution:
1366 x 768
Display Feature:
LED backlight
Graphics Processor:
Next-generation NVIDIA ION graphics
Memory Slots:
2 x 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM
Hard Drive RPM:
5400 RPM

Price: retail $499.99(without tax before shipping)

Last year, I gave 4 netbooks for christmas. This year, I turned my old clunker of a laptop into my secondary workstation(see room post). Currently I don't have any portable replacement, though my android phone does try at times,heh. I'd like to get one and be able to do a few things even when I'm on the road or have time to kill. I'd also consider it an additonal tool in my personal studies as well. A study tool is still a study tool,even if you have other uses for it sometimes ;) - Space Knight Blade Full Action
Space Knight Blade Full Action resin kit from E2046
Price:$51.58 ussd (before shipping)

For anyone growing up with the anime boom or the 80's or 90's, especially mecha related- you might recognize this. Maybe not as Tekkaman blade, but as Teknoman Slade. hah, anime dub changes. regardless, Blade here was one of the first mech designs to get me into mecha,anime, or anything related(along with guyver). I bought the old bandai kit and I know that there's 2 great premium figures of blade(there's even a pegus figure, but this really appealed to me. Its got that exaggerated offset design that some resin kits do, but its still tekkaman. Plus, LOOK AT THAT LANCE. its hella awesome.Its compatible with revoltech joints as well for revoltech styled posing,yay. That and this would be my first resin kit. My childhood demands this be bought!...eventually. - Kanu Unchou (PVC) - Kanu Unchou Miko Ver. (PVC)
Ikkitousen's Kanu Uncho Miko ver.
Price: $200-290(before shipping)

I've never bought myself a figure(plus there's so many to pick from@_@),but I really like this look for Kanu. I've watched the ikkitousen series, but I wouldn't even think to put it in my top 10 or anything. I'm not saying its bad or good, but its not gurren lagann epic,but isn't like spiderman horrible. I just really like this design and look. Either figures look great and I wouldn't mind having the figure(either) or a resin kit of it. Of course, I don't think I'm quite capable of making it look as awesome so I'd rather the figure over the resin kit,heh.

Well, I think thats it for my list, until something gets thrown in there later. Anyways, these are the things I want and wish to acquire and aim to do so regardless of holidays or not. They're also the bigger and pricier things though as well ^^;

What kind of things are your wish/want list?

All this posting about models and stuff is putting me into the mood to do some kit work. Maybe I'll put out a model/figure/WIP post later. I guess that's it for now.til next post.

Pics from HLJ,E2046,Newegg,Hobbysearch,Jlist, and google image search.