Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally! End of 2010 Loot. and WIP progress

I've been waiting for one more package for the last 2 1/2 weeks, but its here now so that means all the loot for 2010 is now complete for me- yay!

I would've done a christmas haul, but thats not really impressive and a total loot post sounded better.

Not the most impressive haul, but still tons to enjoy^^;
The 00 qan full saber add-on.(still need to buy hg 00 qan.couldn't resist; those clear green bits are awesome!)

BRS special edition Bluray/dvd set.comes with nendo petits and artbook.pretty sweet. the speed paint in the special features is simply amazing.

FMP full bluray collection.When I have time, gotta regrind through all of it.with tons of snacks & drinks of course.

And muv luv alt. takemikazuchi 00r model kit. Mitsurugi meiya's personal unit,yeah!!!(was also the last package I was waiting for,heh.)

More Plasmo goodness:

HGUC 1/144 gouf custom(this thing is crazy sick!can't wait to build!)

RG 1/144 Char Zaku. Real Grades are amazing. still need to finish the rx78.

Digimon Reboot Omegamon.Need I say more? its effin omegamon(or omnimon)! Gonna do a full paint run on this it won't be done anytime soon unfortunately.

HGUC 1/144 Sinanju. Aside from small gimmicks like the shoulder shield clamp or the beam tonfas being omitted, this kit is a mini mastergrade. the gold trim will be a pain, but so worth it.

And of course, gotta get the sinanju head base for my brand spanking new sinanju kit. looks to have some nice internal details to paint.

I love painting and puttin the work into making these models more detailed and awesome,but this totally isn't helping the huge backlog...

Yay, someone saw my want list post! Blazblue artbook from P@nD@.mucho gracias,yo! and to Sp1t3 for mediating things so I could have this awesome artbook to replace my old one. It kicks the old book's butt by miles.(still need to get the Uk limited edition of the continuum shift.want that noel nendo)

And someone from work got me a tonberry plush for can protect my artbook,heh.

And kudos x100 for kaiyodo re-releasing all the gurren lagann revoltechs! And I already pre-ordered the remaining ones from hlj. Can't wait for them[>.<]!!!

Now that the loot posting is done, I can get to the WIP progress on the RG rx78-2.

Currently painting inner frame's mech details. gonna use copper,gold,and silver.maybe some gunmetal,too.

I'm trying to really show the inner frame as it was meant to be shown. Lots of promo pics show the under frame or "skeleton frame." The real grade is supposed to be a pg/mg in 1/144 scale. That includes an inner frame which shows off mechanical details. Just showing the base frame doesn't do this nor does it take advantage of the molded details of multiple pieces included in this model.
This shows most of the additional parts that can be added to make the inner frame much more "fuller." Here, the inner frame resembles old mg frames alot more with how the frame gives the overall shape of the ms without actually having armor on it. The mg rx78 frame didn't really have an inner frame for the head so this matches up pretty well so very cool.
These calf leg parts were the only parts so far found that had mechanical details,but couldn't be seperated from the armor in front of it. Still, some nice details that would otherwise be ignored with the base frame and would be covered up with armor and never showed off.

Note: I totally painted the calf detail with the wrong gray. It dried alot lighter than I wanted. Gotta look for darker shade later.
And while I was painting the copper pipes around the legs, one of the ankle guard frame pieces got into the paint bottle. lost lots of paint to fish it out. Got some discoloration now from the clean up now as well. lame sauce. I guess I gotta paint the ankle guard pieces with the gray I'll be using on the soon as I find a dark shade I like ^^;

Well, thats it for updates for now. Work was slowing down, but there's been a recent management shift at my store. and the new boss is completely incompetent.scratch that. He's an incompuCUNT employee. He's only gonna be there til a replacement for him is found. Who knows how long that'll take to properly train someone capable. He's at our store cuz he sucked at the flagship store and lost them lots of money. why he wasn't just fired-no clue. Anyways, I have half a mind to just take over for him just to get em outta my store. That or I'll have to clean up his messes and "backseat" manage the store and make sure it doesn't tank. Either way, doesn't look like I'll be enjoying that non holiday downtime just yet.

I'll try to update more on hobby work, but no promises. Least not til this management issue is handled.Til then, Later everyone!