Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Updates - The Return

Hey Everyone. Its been some time since I've been on here,right? Things have been crazy hectic nonstop what with the holidays and all. I work in a comic shop/gift shop/general retail so thats to be expected. Still, its been pretty crazy around here. After my trip from New York, I just sorta disappeared from here. For that, I apologize for my absence.I'm trying to make up for lost time now so expect mass posting in coming weeks starting today! With that out of the way, Lets update, shall we?

Between prepping for another big move, changes with management at work, working more for gift shopping, training new folks, trying to keep up with what little social life I do have, I've been stumbling around to keep my balance. All the New York videos and post stuff still hasn't been edited or worked on(so behind[>.<]). I've managed to do some more hobby work here and there, but nothing major noteworthy yet. Also, during this whole time- Preorders have been arriving nonstop. I'm gonna need a new storage unit soon at this rate ^^;

I even made a stack area for all the new arrivals so I could do a proper haul post. If I don't do one soon, its going to become a multi-parter! Madness. I'll be posting some more WIP posts next along with my "want" list of the year(bit late, arent I??!), more food posts and backposts, quite the number of review posts, and more! There'll also be some changes to the blog as well- New Banner soon, maybe a new theme, some new additions,etc. Its good to be back!