Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Technical difficulties fixed. Now, back to posts...

For some reason, my account decided to be locked out for a bit. After finally getting it all straightened out and getting all my content back- BACK TO POSTS,MWAHAHAHAHA.

First up, Foodie post!

I recently tried a sushi joint close to home that recently changed management, but seems to retain much of the same dishes and aesthetics.What was once Cafe Hana is now Sushi Cafe. Not only that, but it also seems to have gained a few changes- such as a nifty small website, more meal specials, and even some limited delivery options. Prices seem to also ballpark the old prices so thats nice. Not bad, but how's the food? Let's see.

PRO dayo. ohohoho- Joudan, joudan dayo.
Ie. PRO Honto DESU.*_*

Tuna Tataki
Avocado Bomb
Sashimi Sampler(Chef's choice)
Ahi Tower
Many rolls from Dragon rolls to samurai rolls...

Some Gyoza
Ebi Fries
Yellowtail sashimi
Miso soup and basic seaweed salad.
and More rolls!

Overall, for the price-not too shabby. Compared to some establishments that boast higher prices,small portions(of less or same quality), and overzealous in their approach, I've always appreciated that this place was a very chill and mellow environment. Its not necessarily "sushi is cool so lets westernize the crap out of it with crappy "innovative" food, loud club music, and bad service nor is it over the top edo period themed or something to catch tourists or anything. Its a nice balance so you could hang out with friends at the bar for happy hour with the different sakes or for a small intimate night with someone. I also do appreciate the online site with menu and nice pictures. Glad to know I don't have to always have to be in a big city like New York or Dallas to reap such modern benefits ;)

Now with that being said, I'm not so sure about the delivery aspect. My first order I placed(which must all be done via online) was forgotten between them switching to dinner service. They were pretty good about it though. They ended up comping the order for me and did it for me with no charges of any sort as an apology. Classy. Food was decent then, but I was pretty swapped at work so its not like I could enjoy it properly with 54 Magic the Gathering- Friday Night Magic players in store for our tournament. the MADNESS. My next delivery order went over smoothly, but again- busy at work. The second time was much tastier with me ordering different kinds of food like tempura,yakisoba,and bulgogi.

So overall, I can't really vouch for delivery since my personal experience was sporadic, but my dine in experience was very fun and enjoyable. If you're in the DFW area and dig sushi, Sushi Cafe isn't too bad(but whats with the most generic name ever,lol). Its decent prices for slightly higher quality prepared food. That and the experience was really pleasant.

Huh. How did me posting some pictures turn into a review??? Funny how that happens,heh.

P.S.-man, does it feel good to actually get a post out.very cathartic.

Til next time ^_^