Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010 - Late Christmas/New years loot.bickity BAM!

So I didn't get too many gifts around christmas time, but I did continue to build up on mi loot all the way through new years. Even got a few things I didn't intend on. I'm more than satisfied. And that does it for my first loot post. What did everyone else on the interwebs get from the holiday season?(gift or self-gifting)

YAY, stuff at slightly lower angle.
Finally got a fraggin tripod for the cam. Had to borrow a friend's cam for the pic. thought it'd be odd just snapping pics a tripod by itself ^^. Also got 2 new bases for some special projects,hehe.
RX-79G ground war set(great kit and comes very loaded) & my new HDD and enclosure. I bought it on sale on a whim, but now my ps3 is packin a 500GB drive and I have an extra 160gb external drive at my disposal,mwahahahaha.
One very much need phone upgrade. The motorola Cliq. Very nice android phone. CACA cam though. 5mp, but no good cam app so it doesn't focus. suckfest. and next to that is an Evangelion "pub mirror"(frame shiny shiny cel pic thing). I finally got around to seeing the series to see what all the whoopla is all about. Despite some major "WTF???!" moments, I enjoyed it and now want an eva revoltech.
And of course there's the 360 elite. I already have an original 60gb ps3(well, now its a 500 gb backwards compatible monster{>_<}!!) so I wonder if I'll be playing favorites with my consoles now?? That and I'm happy to get a hobby mag. total loot scorage.

P.S.-Shinji, you're one messed up @#$*&^.jeez. But your mom,err,eva,err,mech is pure win.