Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010 - A little old, a little new.

So I'm in the midst of reorganizing a few things( namely- everything). I finally got another moment to "breathe" this month. Work and everything in between has been readjusting as per standard after holidays manner so I thought I'd recap on my recent finish models: the RX 78-2 G30th anniversary edition & the 0 gundam.
I thought it'd be cool to have a bit of a contrast of the original gundam and the obviously design inspired counterpart. I did a vid review of it already, but I forgot to snap some "review-style" pics and I've already packed them both away to make room for the next project.
These few pics will have to do for showing both in action. Oh yeah, I finally got around to gettin a frickin tripod. Its just a desktop type, but it was practically free so woot. So no more blurry photos!(well, at least less. the camera got a tripod, but its still got the same photographer, heh) And later when I have some time, I'll start linking and adding a vid section for my review n' stuff. As for the 78 and the 0? get em. go now. and while you're at it, but me another one since they're so good and simple kits. thats it for now. later til later.

p.s.- Bayonetta has a pimp? bahahahahaha, priceless.