Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010 - Gunpla/Plasmo Project Status

So I don't quite have all the extra pieces yet for my upcoming projects, but almost got em all. Just need a few add-on parts. Still quite a few kits to do, but I'm kinda glad "the mountain" is slowly being picked off on. Its taken some restraints, but I managed to not buy more kits. I've been saving up to pay off some credit cards and to save for a big financial goal in the later half of the year so I can't splurge all the time anymore. A kit every once in a while is ok, but not 1 every sunday for 7 weeks straight! For now, I'll settle for finishing up these kits...then maybe I'm buy a new one.maybe. ;)
The "stack" or whats left of it anyway.
I bought this when it was released. I still want the armored version. I can't believe I finished the linebarrel before this.
Hehe, unicorn base. I can't wait to start on my special project with it...
Not shown with it, but these 2 are for my 00 XN raiser project.
One CB base for cool base project and one 00 raiser for test type for experiment project.
No fancy extras here, its already awesome. Just a normal build. well, maybe I'll try weathering on this one.maybe. very cool and "loaded" kit. Would totally recommend to others to try out.


brownkidd said...

Wish I had the patience for these things >_____<