Monday, February 7, 2011

OMFG- Tekkaman blade GETTTOOOO!!

So work was quite slow(ish) today, what with the superbowl and all. The best part of my day came in the form of an unexpected late christmas present, the Space Knight Tekkaman Blade - Full Action Resin Kit!! Sound Familar? It was on my Want List post I did a while back. This thing is hella sweet! Its my first real resin kit and I'm so excited, I wanna start working on it now. Too bad I'm in the middle of working on a backlog right now. Currently working on a simple build of the 1/144 new hguc gouf custom and I'm still working on the rg inner frame. I'll get there eventually. One kit at a time. Besides, I still need some paints and airbrush stuff. I wanna do this right. Its gonna totally be my masterpiece ^^;

Not alot of info out on the web for this guy so I guess I'll just help things along with this post and some pics. Check out the details below.

This thing just screams horribly awesome.

Tupperware. The Ultimate in Resin Protection.
Awful xerox copy looking instructions. Luckily, most resin kits don't really need em.
Plenty of pieces...
Details are ridiculously amazing.
This thing demands the best work I can give it!
heh-In yo face, B-club manipulators!