Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Foodie Post!!!...and update.

Y is for Yay and for Yakisoba; ergo YAY for Yakisoba!!!

Got lazy and hungry and had a craving. And its been a while since I've cooked. I usually overdo it when that happens ^^;

Not exactly traditional yakisoba, but tasty enough on the nom nom meter ^^
Then again, like I said- I sometimes overdo it,heh. So it better be tasty since there's plenty more.

If only I had a case of Sapporo or and nice pot of tea, my night would be perfect.

And in other news, much much sadder news, My PS3 has finally passed on. Do not shed tears though( My manly tears will suffice) for it has gone to a better place- Sony heaven.

Where everyone wins, where big businesses make over excessive crap tons of money and continue to make nice things,but over charge,BUT! it matters not, for it's sony heaven so the consumers have more than enough money.(plus its an effin heaven scenario- everyone's supposed to be all win-win,right??)...That, and I just shelled out $129 to get it fixed. Considering my PS3 was a first gen 60gb, its specs are way better than any new unit(plus backwards compatibility rocks!) I even bumped up the hdd up to 500GB. I didn't have a warranty(not that matters since its not covered anymore anyways.) so paying $129 to continue having awesomeness is a small price to pay. Hell, they know it too. Its $99 to get a new $120 slim PS3 instead of fixing my unit or replacing it. 6-8 weeks is a long time to wait, but it'll be worth it. BUT, I'll never forget you, my first PS3! {Insert lame music ala titanic style or something}

Oh, and I still can't continue my resin kit since the freakin Postal service sent my joints back to HLJ! Due to some wonky circumstances involving their held time and conflicts with the recent holidays, they sent it back. So lame. So now, I gotta send HLJ an email and hope I can just pay for shipping again(which really really sucks) so I can get my damn joints I already paid for. Til then, no progress. Hopefully, all the shenanigans won't take forever and my next post will be full of AWESOME. Til next post,later.

P.S.-Go enjoy some yakisoba.and get me a bottle of sapporo while you're at it ;)