Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009 - Bakemonogatari.Watch it. Do it. Do it Now.

EDIT:added ddl links for eps.please report if links are dead. links below.Enjoy :)

Bakemonogatari. Ep 1. pretty solid.kept my attention. Definitely on my watch list. I do find myself interesting in more. and another plus-shaft animation.if you don't know it, shaft is good stuff.usually very solid quality work.oh, and shaft's a bad motha--gu,hitagi shoves razor in mouth*....

I've been thinkin of doin reviews,but seeing as I don't get many followers or comments, I don't really know who the heck's gonna even see it. so reviews,vids,specific coverage,etc.etc. only if requested.Now GO watch BMG fore' Hitagi busts a staple in you.

(personally recommended for at least ep 1 for the typesetting work) - qIIq Subs version