Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009 - Wolverine Anime Teaser

Wow....spoke too soon. kay, well Logan has his trailer....its certainly a "re-imagining." I totally think Anime when I see it.maybe more anime than wolverine?anyhoo,interesting take on it all,we'll see how it turns out. Still, I'm always a shellhead fan.Bring it on, Iron neo-nazi!!!!....oh yeah,here's the teaser.enjoy,yada yada,GARRR--iron nazi #$%&!!!!

p.s.- not that I think about it, maybe it's daken(logan's son),but if it is,then wrong claw placement(supposed to be 2 on top,1 outta wrist),then again, wolverine's claws are supposed to be out between his knuckles,not between fingers.whatever,shellhead rocks like RDJ/stark has/have a drinking problem,ah(>_<)!!!