Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009 - projects,site,etc. Update???

Ok, I've been slacking.then again, I'm a little tired. Not phyiscally pass out tired out,just a little worn. Anyhoo, Update for finished and unfinished:

Gnx-finished,gotta upload
Cheridum WIP unbox - gotta upload
Cheridum Gallery - gotta Upload
VF-25f - gotta unbox,WIP,start,gallery,the whole shebang
00 Raiser - gotta wait for XN raiser,thats right,gettin tTHAT!!!
00 raiser w/ gn sword III - waiting for release,totally want.
linebarrel - Paint treatment,WIP,Assembly, Upload.
Bakemonogatari coverage continued.
Start of TF customs.
Finish War machine custom(maybe I'll finish it before Iron Man II comes out,heh)
Gallery for Revoltech - Revy,Dante, ARX-8, YF-1S
Custom Iron man gallery upload.

just a little catch up to be done.