Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 02, 2010 - Otakuology???hahahahaha?

I saw this on HobbyChaos and had to totally repost. After a long day, something like this just makes me smirk and laugh.Otakuology.funny.LEARN IT,heh. And Side info -Shokotan(Nakagawa Shoko) sang the opening for Gurren Lagann. She also has many interests which you can guess at.or check out by simple google seaches,etc. Enjoy ;)

Orginal Content from HobbyChaos:

Here`s a video of the Otaku queen, Shokotan dressing as Haruhi, lecturing Akiko Wada (a female Japanese singer and television performer) on the "Otaku Studies" in a disrespectful tone, bewildering her from start to finish.

She even showed off her cosplay versions of Misato from Evangelion, Doremi from Ojamajo Doremi, and Vegeta from Dragon Ball, and to finish, got Wada to join in, with Wada playing Rei to her Asuka, and even gave acting directions. LOL

Part 1. She is so kawaii dressing as Haruhi! ^w^