Monday, February 8, 2010

February 08, 2010 - Wonfes awesomeness.

Just a few things I'm personally anticipating for upcoming releases. My wallet crys*

Good Smile Company by Danny Choo.
I still need to get the regular version. Do you prefer the figma or the revoltech version?
Good Smile Company by Danny Choo.
OMFG, CURRRRYYYYYY!!!!!(hmm, its been a while since I had curry.
Maybe I should make some soon. Maybe Currydon this time.)
Since I have the awakened unit-01, I guess I should pick this up,too.

Actually, its pretty knarly. I'm kinda diggin.

Also, Still haven't seen any Evangelion 2.0 stuff yet. My bluray from Amazon is
set to ship in a few weeks.
I've never seen Trigun, but I've heard of it.I'm diggin the details.
Plus, I dig the weapon(s)
And I've been waiting for a painted image of this bad boy for ages. SO WANT.
Lacking on accessories, but if sculpt & articulation is good, I'm happy.
I'm on the ropes for this. Good news is I've already put in an order to stock my work
with it so I at least have the option for it, hehe.
KOS MOS....holy....
In figma form. so many attachments. must have.
....I think I just geeked out all over a little bit. Linebarrel with Executor??!
AND MODE-B??????!!! much money spent.....ugh....
If I don't get a Jack Skellington figma, I know tons of people who'd want him.
hahahaha. Of course, the best for last. right?? Thats right, folks. And its legit. An MJ figma. crouch grab hand attachment included??hahahahahahah[>_<]hahahahahaha,thrrriiiiilllllaaaahhh!!!!!

An expensive year indeed is ahead.

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