Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010 - Iron Man 2 Comic series: War Machine

Last up is the bad of the baddest, James Rhodes' personal key to kickin your @$$, War Machine. This figure is one nice looking figure. Nice little details everywhere and raised edges. We like raised edges. It even looks like its got a bit of weathering done to it. very nice.
Articulation is lacking unfortunately, due to the design and sculpt. The arms do have the ability to have full range of motion, but is blacked by the shoulder armor. The armor can move up via hinges, but that looks unnatural. The musclature is very nice looking, but it does impede the range on the hips as well. The torso has the same issue as well.
The saving grace of this figure is its gimmicks. Being war machine. It has a double swivel shoulder mounted gatling gun & micro missile launcher. They both come with very cool effect parts just like the old toy biz marvel legends War machine. I'd much have those kinds of gimmicks than lame repulsor ray clip-ons or wannabe shield launchers. If you're just looking for a really nice display piece of war machine, this should totally fulfill your needs.
Next hobby related post will probably be about the xn raiser I've been working on.(yes, the same one that came out way back last year that I've been on and off working on.sooo lazy.)Til then, people.