Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010 - Delayed New Years

So I had to work on Valentine's and Chinese New Year so I wasn't really cool with that. I then had a really hectic work schedule the following week which gave me no down time so that was totally lame. Luckily, I finally got around to hanging out with some friends the following weekend. It was a regular New Year's, but I'm not disappointed.

Thought we'd take a few snapshots here and there. Sito's a total dork.
We thought we'd do some pictionary(no one ever played before)
Sito's thinking, " how the fuzz am I supposed to draw this??"
"Thinking/inspiration juice." This should improve my chances of winning and make things interesting.
Snapshot band wagoner
Who's gonna stump who??
Smile, damn you!
Give me a proper camera smile, woman!
uh, sure. That works. Hey you, with the scrunched face. smile or stop passing gas.
Good to know that no one's intoxicated, right??
Candid camera shot, but good enough.
EH? oh, I thought we were doin goofy face pics.kay, redo.
Hey, what the hell?? Alright, serious face!
Serious faces, not constipated. One more time, how bout a raised eyebrow?
or two...Someone looks really worried or surprised.The hell's wrong with the my eye??I'm all cockeyed!
HA! can't photosnipe me if I snipe you first!
Ol' demon eyes saluting me as always.
Nice serious pose.Dork.

DAMMIT, don't fix your hair! Look at the drawing
and guess the answer before the time runs out!

Here's some of the drawings from the night that I can remember. Categories are movies,music, and phrases. Cookie or Brownie if you can guess them all. orrrrr curry ;)