Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black Rock Shooter: the game-opening.

This has been out for a little bit, but its totally still worth posting and watching. Seeing it or hearing it totally psyches me up for the game. Check out the awesome opening movie^^

The game is just around the corner. Its set to release on the 25th of August and there is plans to have a U.S. port of the game which is amazing news!!! It won't stop me from pre-ordering the game though as I really want the White rock shooter figma to add to the rest of the collection of BRS figmas I have. Plus, it looks pretty wicked.

Aside from that, I do still intend to get the U.S. version for a few reasons:

1.Buying it helps the industry,obviously.
2.It also supports psp game properties specifically.
3.It helps the import market greatly.(ripping games is a big factor to why the U.S. doesn't see many psp game porting.)It doesn't mean things will change, but if opportunity comes for you support the cause, why not?

And in recent news, there's also gonna be a BRS Game ver. Figma! wallet just doesn't know it yet.



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