Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So every Humpday, we have food night...

Not sure when it started, but it kinda unofficially just happened. Every Wednesday, me and a handful of friends meet at one of our homes and food night takes place. We all bring something(entertainment,food,drinks,anything) and then cooking,drinking, and catching up happens. Its quite exhausting after a long day at work, but its still kinda nice, so I still go every week. jeez, I must be some sort of a masochist or something,heh. This is some of the stuff that happened in the last few nights we've done food night.

Simple egg custard pudding...its just flan -_-...
I didn't know it though at first. I did it all from scratch though. making the caramel,the mix,the hot water and everything...for flan.d'oh.
Brisket tacos,yum. Sito bought a whole brisket & let it cook for 24hrs. so tender,om nom nom.
He also whiped up a tasty salsa verde. He did everything in minutes. It was delicious. Chefs really know their stuff. They can also be more messy than a tornado though,heh.

Do you ever just meet up with friends or family to cook or eat like some sort of big event? Fav meals?