Thursday, July 7, 2011

Progression is progressive.

So despite the incredibly hot and humid weather, I really really really wanted to work on the resin kit and the next step was to start painting-SO IMPATIENT. While the parts did gets painted, the environment was killer on the spray cans; that and I was crazy intent on being as careful as i could be since I really didn't want any hiccups to go fix , which meant spray strokes.Lots of short spray strokes that probably didn't really paint as much as it made a mist onto the parts. It worked, but the killer part would be the environment meant I wasted more paint and more cans than I would've liked-BOO. That's what I get for being impatient.

I ended up using metallic black on the parts needing black instead of matte black, but I'm fairly pleased with the results so far. Of the two colors, the matte white gave so much more hell than the metallic black. White paint is already(or can be) really hard to paint with due to the properties and consistences most white paint have.(thats why when there are awful paintful apps on a toy that should have lots of white detail, bad white paint is sometimes one of the culprits,coughs*hasbro,coughs*marvel 3.75in figures,coughs*) I ended up using both cans completely,but the metallic black at least finished its job completely. Based on the work done with the matte white, I'm gonna need 1 or 2 more cans of matte white.LAME SAUCE.

So far, so good. Everything is looking smooth and painting is on tracks. No hiccups.yet.
These parts are going to need more matte white,ugh. White paint is such a pain!!!
ah, but at least metallic black never seems to give me problems. It usually always works great. One of my favorite paints to use ^^;

In other hobby work, I've been working on a custom effect part for my revoltech Jehuty figure. Namely, the burst attack.(I'd love a vector cannon, but that might require more work than I'd like right now) I've been recording most of the work on my youtube vids. If you'd like to catch any progress more upclose, check out the progress here. It shows the beginning, the ideas, and the change far.

Originally, I thought about using foil as a means to give more of a shiny gem-like effect to the burst ball. Didn't turn out like I'd like it to though...

Here's a test shot of the goal in mind. Yup, foil isn't workin for me like I'd hope. Time to try something else.
Here's another test shot of the goal in mind, though this is just a hollowed burst. Little plain, isn't it?
AND THEN, CHANGE UP. I scraped the foil and messed around with clear materials to make use of light sources instead. Sorta like light piping, I guess.
I like this a whole lot more than the foil...

Unfortunately, the material I used for that effect was nothing but clear hair gel (experimenting brings about weird trials). I'm currently working with clear resin and diorama water materials. Progress is slower than snail mail. That's it for updates now. More progress later.


charcharm said...

looking good. did u find out what those plastics parts were for?
these all seem very hard and time consuming, how you get into it?
cause i wanna give my hand at it, plus there a new tekkaman blade model coming up.

C.R. said...

I did.eventually. Thanks for asking. I got into this sort of hobbywork from working on gundam model kits and a want to have more than what the market would sell or make at the time, which led to me making this sort of stuff, myself. Its not really all that hard, just time consuming. There IS a new tekkaman blade model out now. I'm very excited to try it eventually ^^.