Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick pics from WonFes 2011 Summer so far

Just a quick pic post since Wonder Festival 2011 Summer is underway.

The upcoming devilman-Amon figure by Sentinel coming out in September is looking great so far.
Took me a moment to figure it out, but this is from Shonen Jump's Shaman King property.
From the highly acclaimed series, FLCL(Fooly Cooly) comes a new figure for the very cool robot, "lord" Canti.

CANTI!!!! Unless this is some crazy super expensive limited item, this is as good as bought!
Not sure what this is, but for a moment- I thought it was from tekkaman blade. It certainly has some similar design aesthetics. I remember seeing this at the last wonfes as well.
As a ZOE fan, how could anyone say no to getting anubis??!!
I can't wait to see Anubis colored!!
A look at Riobot's upcoming Gurren Lagann figure. Details are looking pretty good so far.
There was another pic I found earlier,but it ended corrupt in the upload so that sucks, but it shows the jetwing pack with slightly sculpt on the shoulder armor. Either way, I'm looking forward to see how Riobot does with their Gurren Lagann and ZOE line...
Not sure what series or property this is from, but I really like the look of it.
It wouldn't be WonFes without at least one saber somewhere. Here's the version of Saber in the red outfit from the last psp Fate game. Not a bad Sculpt...

Even this isn't a figma or anything, I think this was a very cool piece that should be shown.Plus, Alter Saber being more of a badass on a bike? how could anyone refuse?
More Revoltech goodies for the upcoming MLA(MuvLuv Alternative) line from Kaiyodo. The EF-2000 is looking pretty slick with its sniper rifle. I wonder if it'll come with its massive arm blade attachments....
Not sure if this is another robot damashii set coming out, but look at all those weapons!!! I've been looking for an excuse to get an m9 to add to my FMP collection. I might have a great reason now...
Here's what looks like some sort of BRS variation, possibly from the upcoming BRS game. Totally gettin kingdom Heart vibes alittle.Wait! is that a pistol?? Just when you thought BRS wasn't a badass before...
Ooh, a chance to have BRS' bike from the game?? my poor wallet...
Coming out later on, A BRS game version figma looking very detailed and cool.
I'm really diggin the look of the cannon and her booster parts.
The upcoming new Drossel figma, based on her design on the recently finished series, Fireball Charming. Looks like she'll be sporting plenty of cool accessories like her other figma did. There will also potentially be a release for drossel's awesome unicycle bike as well. I'm such a sucker for accessories.
And to finish on wicked note, massive figure of Shinonono Houki for the last season's Infinite Stratos series. Look at the design and the massiveness of that! I would really love to see more IS merchandise made, I really like the designs.( or maybe I just dig mecha musume design in general,heh)

Pics were found from amiblo,twitpic tags,flickr, toysdaily, and other forums.


profile said...

such a detailed toy collection. being such a collector requires lots of money. i have one friend who have this gundam collection and so far as i asked him,his collection is more than his savings. imagine that?!

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C.R. said...

I would not doubt it. During Christmas time, I stop buying stuff and I suddenly have enough for gifts. Then again, if I want more stuff, I just try and work harder to get it. Greed is scary sometimes,heh. Do you collect anything?