Sunday, June 26, 2011

Other hobby progress

Aside from my tekkaman resin kit work, I've been trying to juggle more kits at once. I figured this would allow me to accomplish more in a short time since I'm trying to knock some kits outta that mountain I call my backlog. Plus, I could really use the space as I still have plenty of new things coming in all the time, at least til september it seems. While I'm working on the tekkaman blade resin kit project, I've also been working on my unicorn and sinanju head bases. I still have some painting to go, but I got some quick builds and sprays done at least.
The other project I started working on is my custom Burst attack effect part for my awesome ZOE jehuty Revoltech figure^^
I got the basic design done and a first green coat done. I still need to start the inner resin texturing on the inside to give the "particle charging" look, then a few more different coats to give a cool gradient effect.

And on another note, I just read the Reycal Oricalcum manga. Twas pretty cool. I ended up trying to hunt merchandise down for it. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much at all for it. I did at least buy the revoltech of reycal. Its a pretty cool little figure and it really goes for the whole mecha musume vibe, which is cool because I recently watch anime series, Infinite Stratos and really enjoyed the designs alot.
Aside from that, I also picked up another Jehuty revoltech figure so I can do something I've been wanting to do since I saw this figure-Dual blades!
Really liking the metallic paint scheme on this figure.
Thats it for now; More progress later on in a few days.
I'm diggin the look here.