Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept. 01, 2009 - New developments.

Robot Damashii KMF-Guren Seiten Eight Elements unit.Total wants. Man, I want it.I wish it was a plasmo, but I want it either way.damn you bandai!
Ah,particle effect parts,cruel bastards.

Even multiple accessories including an attachment for the mass wave emitter,ah(>_<)!!! GIMMI.
I am slightly intrigued and will await more info on this mirage frame.I still don't support this seed astray thing bandai's pulling though.
*_*...crap,its bonta-kun,All is forgiven,bandai as long as he comes with his shotgun,swat gear,assault rifle,ak-47,and his combat knife.^_^
....Bandai,you whore.A mastergrade astray frame with a backpack/duo swords/gatling gun/buster shield/huge buster sword....Dammit, I'm starting to fall victim to bandai's seed astray trap.bastards....
HG 1/144 00 raiser w/ GN sword III in october??!?!? YOU SON OF A#$%^&!!!!I have 2 00's in my possession and now this???ARGHHHH!!!!!(>_<)!!
VF-27 Lucifer.has split barrel on rifle for particle cannon mode.sweet.Can't take anymore.Bandai, you cruel bastards....passes out from too many development and excited/angry moments*....

Sources from Ganguya, Damashii Net, happinetonline, Moeyo, ngeekhiong.blogspot .