Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sept. 12, 2009 - Cross Fight!!!!!DAN GAI OHH!!!!


So its the late 80's,early 90's.The age of style with no substance.American Tv is becoming more and more flooded of ideas and full blown shows from overseas.Eventually there was tekkaman Blade who became TeknoMan,Super Gattai Force became The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Kamen Rider became The Masked Rider,Super Defender-Voltron became Voltron:Defenders of the Universe, and much more. Among those name was another obscure gem that later came back in its own ways and forms. That name? Dangaioh. Dangaioh originally started as a short 3 episode OAV/OVA. It had all your typical old school parts-Space pirates,minimally dressed cute girls,character arc-types, -ESPers,mad scientists,over the top henchmen,Cyborgs,Aliens,space ships,etc.The list goes on. Makings of an awesome story?eh, wouldn't say that much.

Now, in the late 80's,this sorta thing did the trick though,but thats not what really made it for Dangaioh.It was the awesome animation and mech designs of Masami Ōbari. Dangaioh's designs just scream "holy crap,I don't wanna be a bad guy anymore if I gotta fight THAT." And the animation in general was really tops. It had the really detailed look that wasn't computer cel assisted(not a big thing used yet and probably really expensive then) that major studios like MADHOUSE Studios are known for.It definitely lives up to ova expectations(given the time) and more. And to top it off,The last ep ends on such a cliffhanger,I'm just totally reminded of the very last episode of Code Geass Season 1. Yeah, its that major.And it wouldn't see anything more than that for almost 10 years...

Eventually, Badass,Dangaioh made his way to SRW(super robot wars). He continued on as a favorite until more and more new mechs came out in later games. Years later, The Anime industry is as common as a prime ABC sitcom. Hit and misses all around. Some succeeded,some epically failed.But they all got a chance to be eventually made. Even the revival of Dangaioh. Big company-Gonzo animation takes over for the upcoming series:Great Dangaioh. Its reception?Not good.not good at all. The old super awesome Dangaioh is long dead and buried it seems. What's left of him? Our current standards for shows. While the computer assisted animation in general looks clean, The story didn't really improve at all with time. and now the awesome style is gone now,too. 10 years later and now Dangaioh has no style AND no substance. weep.weep hard. However, it is not without its slight redeeming factors.

Great Dangaioh did eventually slightly attend the big WTF??? of the 1980's as to a huge cliffhanger. If you're a dangaioh fan, a real fan- you force the watch(and might slightly enjoy it here and there) just to get the big answer. And if you're a fan of Mazinger Z and getter robo, then you'll love the new Dangaioh. Disclaimer: don't come in expecting to watch an amazingly deep or well written story. Thats like watching Transformers films and expecting shakespearean masterpieces.Yeah, good luck with that. Dangaioh does as a whole deliver its package of simple enjoyment though. I highly reccomend the Oav to all. If you really like it and wanna know what happens and have a really open mind toward the Gonzo related,then get the answer to the Ova in Great Dangaioh.

Whats that?Merchandise?Oh course Dangaioh had some merchandise come out for it. The Big D is in plenty of SRW games, Studio Half-eye made a perfect combining transforming Dangaioh(awesome and expensive) which can be found at popular online hobby sites(i.e. HobbylinkJapan,HobbySearch,etc.If that fails,Ebay). and for the more play orientated and price skimmer-The revoltech Dangaioh.Pure Awesomeness. Mechs and revoltech stuff always work and this is no exception. I'll post a later review of Dangaioh after my Linebarrel finale stuff. I now leave you with some links to the Dangaioh OVA and a few pics of my freshly aquired revoltech Dangaioh.( also wanted an excuse to fiddle with my macro settings.yay,cam-play).

Dangaioh Ready!

I think the Design just rocks.
Full Figure review to be done later.