Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spet. 05, 2009 - Zone of the Enders Resin Kits-WANTS @_@****

Today, We're looking at the very rare and obscure model related merchandise of Zone of the Enders(aka ZOE). As of current,there is no official kits released via konami nor any reports of a ZOE3 game yet(c'mon,a ps3 version would rock sooo much.)All these model kits are considered garage kits and are made of resin.The nice part is that these are not standalone fixed posed models.they do have joints and are able to be placed in various poses,BUT I wouldn't put these in the same category as a plasmo,gunpla,or action figures or anything.Thats a downside,but with years of advancing toy technology at our disposal,thats only a speedbump.Since like most resin kits,these come in seperated unpainted parts and they're supposed to be jointed,it allows an opportunity to mod.With a dremel with a round "dentist bur" tip,some revoltech joints,and some figma joints, a modeler could probably create the closest thing to a plasmo model a ZOE fan could ever want.With that being said, these kits are a pain in the ass to find. Ebay's your best bet,but beware of recasters,or at least bad recasted resin as uncompatible joints,horrible seams,etc. could occur.whew,now with the long freakin intro outta the way,lets take a long look and admire some of the great resin kits out there.Enjoy.

Imagine the pain of painting all those details,labor of love only?

First up is one of the premiere mech of ZOE, Jehuty.

Even though it only has a few joints,its able to recreate many poses from the game.

The sculpted detail is really amazing.Lots of swivel doll joints on the arms.

Nova burst attack or attempted guren lagann pose?

Here's another kit of jehuty.It looks to be Jehuty Ver2.This Jehuty was scratchbuilt using resin,pla plate(or styrene).

This Version comes with the bits from Jehuty's many special weapons in the game.

Bring on parts for the VECTOR CANNON!!

AWWW REsonance,its Anubis!
Jointed,has screws,details out the ying yang, and has a cool vinyl copper bendable spine/tail.awesome.
Looking at this anubis,I would've guessed to be a action figure or a regular plasmo.
Did a really great job with the sculpt.
Painting would be absolute tortue.
As you can see, Anubis come with double(maybe even triple if possible??) joints in the upper arm/shoulders to allow awesome poses like this.Not alot of gunplas can pull off a crossed arms over the chest maneuver.
I wonder how sharp some of these parts are?
There might not be too much of a need to mod or add figma/revoltech joints really to this kits.Its pretty badass in its own right.
jointed elbow and it can rotate its arm??IS this a basic jointed resin kit or is it meant to be plasmo worthy???
Can't have Anubis without his tradmark staff/spear.Take that, ROTF voyager class-The Fallen!!
Strong as hell copper vinyl tail piece.
And the best for last feature of Orbital frame,Anubis-his zero-shifting enabled variable binders.The resin kit does come with the clear parts to simulate the floating binders.
God, don't you just want it????
Next,is Version 2 Anubis found after a big battle toward the end of the game. Couldn't find anymore picture for this guy.
And recently sseen on Ebay, Naked Jehuty.This is what happens after the final battle.
And last, for the ZOE anime fans-Orbital frame,Idolo from the OVA,ZOE:Idolo.

That ends this post for Zone of the enders-resin kits. I did this posting because I'm almost finished with my Kotobukiya,Linebarrel model kit(same mech designer from ZOE) and I still want the vardant, which shares similar designs and also has variable floating binder wings.Anyways,thats it for now,I gots a fansubing deadline to meet.Later people.