Friday, September 25, 2009

Sept. 25, 2009 - Caramel Dansen.BAH!!!!!its back,why????argh!!!

So about 3 years ago, a swedish group came out with a song. And that song almost destroyed the world. NO ONE WAS SAFE.NO ONE IS SAFE FROM ITS CLUTCHES. That song? Carmelldansen(Also as caramel dansen,japanese-uma uma oowa dansen).The horr,the horr. Its the sorta thing that makes you think of songs like the "blue"song by Eiffel 65(italian group),The "mammals" song by bloodhound gang,some "certain" songs that attacked the late 90's by Danish group,Aqua.It even got remixed,multiple times.Hell, it even got a rock/metal cover done by a virtual band on youtube(which I thought was pretty entertaining.)Its even got its own frickin dance(if you call it that, I guess.) I'm sure there are other songs like that for everyone out there. Carmelldansen is a formidible double edge sword of a song. By the end of its reign, you either love it,or hate it. In my case, BOTH. Its so damn poppy and catchy. EVIL SONG FROM THE NETHERWORLD!!!!...but in retrospect, it makes me think of the chicken dance. They're both ridiculous and have their own ridiculous dance and you'll probably look ridiculous listening and dancing to it. However, they're both sorta fun in that very same ridiculous way. You can't help but not feel alittle more peppy after it, whether seeing your friends dance it or just listening(and probably thinkin of the dance as well). I suppose if a person is enjoying the fun of it all though,who cares then,right? With that being said, I can see how its also annoying at times(but not like some do. Some seriously rage on it.) Evil song, cheering me up and annoying me at the same while,DEMON SONG!!!!GAH.Now that I've been once again struck by "it", I'm not goin down alone!I'm takin everyone I can with me.Let any innocent passerby suffer as I have!!mwhahahaha....damn the swedish for doin this to me,ugh.

Tis true. Even against your will,it'll happen.

No one is safe.

If you wish to further trend this path,download at your own peril,mortal.

Caramelldansen speedycake remix version.mp3
Caramelldansen rock cover version.mp3