Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept. 03, 2009 - MORTAL KOMCAT!!!!!!

So my old cat is living with me again,with my new cat. The old one is a real attention whore,big people friendly cat...not so much with other I said,whore. The new cat has been living with me for about a year since it was a tiny little kitten.In that time, its never been around another animal, muchless another cat.The scenario-One cat has murder in its eyes simply since the other is a cat,the other is super curious.Will curiousity kill the cat???MORTAL KOMCAT!!!!,cue MK theme music*, I hope not.Cleanup would totally suck. Here's hoping I won't wake up to a kitty fatality about to happen where One cat is about to FINISH HIM!!!...seriously,That's just a bad start to a guy's morning.And with that, I end my update posts and I'm off to catch Zzzz's.