Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 01, 2009 - Toradora,toradora,tora??dora dora.

Just started and finish another series,ala marathon style(good marathon though).
Finished Series- Toradora.

I gotta say, I really enjoyed myself with this series, I'm all for dramatics here, action there, but sometimes I really need a break and gotta watch something offset,sorta that "too much of a good thing" kinda feeling? anyways, that offset?usually, its comedy,sliceoflife-esque,just generally less serious shows, its nice.good ol warm & fuzzy,leaves you feeling refreshed for the next thing,major whaff. I mean if you watch nothing but things like gundam and hellsing,etc etc(not that there's anything wrong with that,I guess.),don't know bout you,but I get this whole influence superceding violence overload thing goin on-again,too much of a good thing.or in this case,bad and violent.

Continuing on, this series was actually referred to me by someone else(and yes, I'm now just watching toradora,only half a year after its premiere.) I said, I enjoyed myself with this series. At first, I was caught by the interest of the contrast of our 2 introductory characters.As the episodes progress, I found myself more and more invested and hooked(man, is this what soap opera fanatics feel like?ugh,Anime-aholics anonymous). I'll try not to spoil too much,but I really really liked the ending. It wasn't trying to be all awe and unpredictable like sooo many other series which would actually make them predictable.It didn't go with a super "open ended"ARRRRGGGGHHHHHAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!! feeling sorta ending either to which I'm glad(those things are torturous for me sometimes,seriously)and the series didn't go all "dude with harem" series and end with no decision which kinda usually moots any character development he might've gained or worse(alto, you sonofa....). It was very pleasing,seemed more natural with the series' themes and generally closed things up nicely. total whaff feelings after it was all said in done.not a bad way to end your night before goin to bed.

Animation's pretty good,consistent. There was an epic catfight of dramatic proportions,there was definitely some of the whole"remember this arc/scene from the manga and now its been translated to the anime?BBbbawwwww,yay,etc etc." Plenty heartjerkers,tearjerkers,and empathy in this series.While its more dramatic and less funny than say,school rumble-Thats not a bad thing. Given, School Rumble did have some dramatic serious moments,but not enough weight in was more all over the damn place.(I mean WTF,season 2?huh,WTF???oh and let's not get started with the infamous season 3 that only had the 2 ending eps and no damn season 3 in-between,again WTF????DO you wanna die,you damn sonsof......Got me all invested and had so much damn potential,you pieces of....GAHHH(>_<)!!!!!....clears throat*...moving on...) This really had a nice flow to things I think. I don't really give any series a full 10 outta 10 since I'd like to think of the 10 as room for improvement for all series and future series,but I'd like to definitely give a high 9 and big recomendation(maybe 7 or 8 for this for those who aren't into this type of show). Not many shows close up things so well,well not since of recent,very refreshing to see so.Thats enough rant reviewing for now,I need me some foodage.Toradorable bastards...^^;

*thanks for Recomendation,keep up the good picks.

With this, and more recent info-hunting, I have high hopes for Bakemonogatari.
Sidenote*-seriously,Ami looks like kaname chidori from full metal panic.