Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 - Ol' Shellhead get his comic source inspired episode moment.

So I just watched the new Iron man Armored Adventures episode- Man and iron man. Oh and if I haven't mentioned before, I do quite enjoy the series, which was a majoy 180 for me since I didn't expect to. With some time to think about how the hell that happened, I've come to the conclusion as to some of its' "charm."

1-duh, I'm an iron man fan(hey, ya like one millionare superhero,ya like em all, :p)

2- the writing which kinda makes me think of ultimate iron man(which does involve tony AND his father in the beginning and tony was but a wee lad when the armor was first created(for tony's survival) before his father croaked.sound somewhat similar??)Regardless, I the haters,go watch 90's iron man cartoon,season 1.yeah, cuz THAT was superior in everyway.

Ok, went on a little tangent there,sorry. Today's view ep:man and iron man, is pretty much and completely the "Mask in the iron man" arc, which was one of my favorite iron man stories(totally got me back into reading shellhead back when I was in elementary school,ah memories.yup, that's the only memory I hold from that far back. well, that and stapling Jessica stapleton's hair to her test essay-[yeah, like puberty didn't make you into the world's biggest little jerk,either...moment to reflect and regret dickhead move....done*] )It kinda has that whole frankenstein and his monster thing goin on. Oh, and in both show and literary source, a fight with whiplash during armor changes in a storms(comics-y2k tech prep,show-upgrading tech for future bad guy precautions.)Ends the same way,too. Anyways, If you liked that arc, you should swing by nicktoons and watch it....or get the book if you haven't got it yet.