Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009 - Xn(ZAN) raiser preview review by Gunpla Factory

Plenty of painting indeed.worth every drop.the targeted area is the specific main combining pieces for combining to make the xn 0 raiser.

Those auxillery arms just make me want a dendrobium.

EPIC.frickin win.

The kit is fairly simple and can combine with the 0 raiser or stand alone as a seperate weapons pack.

Y'know, it doesn't even look like a support unit anymore.looks like a damn battle cruiser that can fight on its own.


Seriously, screw the arche's buster sword.those are amazing.

drools a little*,and thats only with the busters and gn sword II's.what if it was armed with 7 swords style and xn 0 raiser???so awesome.

The standalone XN weapons pack. Man,00's got so many possible support units(Gn archer's missile pack,0 raiser,the raisel's weapon pack,gn arms...what a whore XD hahahaha)

zwei, who?

Can't wait til mine month,so many things.(except the seed astray "incident.")

Source- Gunpla Secret Factory.