Monday, June 1, 2009

June 01, 2009 - Work in progress:1/144 Gadessa,site,etc.

I still haven't gotten around to "sprucing" up the page yet,nor have I found any for sure images/banners to use.well, there are good ones, I just haven't decided on which one or whether I should jusst photoshop the hell outta all them and make my own,heh. When the banner is in stone, the other aesthetics will follow.

In the meantime, I seemed to have started up on my model work again,this time-the Gadessa 1/144 hg kit from the Gundam 00 series(>insert promo plug here<).I'm not the biggest fan of decals(at least not plain ol stickers,specially some of bandai's sometimes.) so I opted for a full paint treatment.I'm also goin to be using gundam markers for the first time ever.woot. finally got my airbrush,too.not an awesome double action top feed metal one,but at least one to start with. as sucky as it can be, I'm making due with C02 cans instead of a compressor. I actually do have one....but its for a nailgun/staplegun. And as Spite would say,"you probably shouldn't,less you wanna blow a hole through your runners when you try and paint with it."hah....(still slightly tempted to try.)

Anyways, by the weekend, I managed to finish the top half of the Gaddessa.I airbrushed all runners prior to any assembly.gave a topcoat in acrylic so in case the markers don't work out for me, I can always go back to my old method of panel lining without fear of the paint treatments being ruined. Oh, and that panel lining method would be: enamel black best of my abilities over said piece, then enamel thinner dipped cloth,paper towel,etc. over said piece to do the clean up. sometimes, needle/pushpin "scarring the same method if I need a line I can't get somewhere normally. Some hiccups here and there, but so far its turned out ok. Unfortunely, due to that topcoat slightly altering the hue of color underneath, I had to go through some multiple coating sessions after touch ups.that would be one of the hiccups I mentioned. All in all, for the most part, I hope the rest of the kit doesn't decide to throw any more surprises at me.

Been meaning to get use outta my camera I got last year.

And now I can do something with that old gerbera straight I had laying around.

"If only I didn't trade my legs for this cool sword.HEY,who stole my escape pod??"

*Never park your MS in a bad part of space. *

P.s.-the gundam markers aren't too bad. I think I got an old one from Spite,but it does the trick. Some of the lines were a little thick and gave me issues so I ended using my usual panel lining style, but I did use the markers for touch ups and darkening in some areas. So it does have its uses. I look forward to trying out others to see how they really do. If they do the trick, it'd save some work for me.time,too.

Oh and >Spite: " I'm not putting that damn pic of the "cheerleader" as the creepy.