Friday, June 5, 2009

June 05, 2009 - Gadessa WIP - almost complete

So finally got around to doing more on the gadessa. hit a snag with a toe piece and topcoating the pod. more or less resolved now. need feet and cannon done then some top coat and decals.alllmosttt done.

Decided to do some red for the gn effect on the pod instead of painting in the inactive mode.

Still workin on the feet.Its the damn toes. ugh.

Should be done before sunday.can't wait for sunday. mmm, banh baos.awesome idea. meat in buns. eat it as a snack, a meal. and the only thing you might need is a napkin for afterwards.

P.s. - I want human alliance bumblebee for the ROTF line. gimmi. that and an actually concept camaro while you're at it.gimmi(who am I supposed to be talking to? this is like when people talk about "them" or "they". I.E. - "They say...etc.")