Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 03, 2009 - Curry!!!!!!!

I've had the most massive craving for curry for a few weeks.Unfortunately, no good curry places round town(well, to my knowledge.) That and there's no close thai food restaurants and the only real asian bakery in town closed(due to economic strain,my guess). So when I want it bad enough, gotta roll up the sleeves and curry it up. I finally got around to buying panko bread crumbs.know what that means? yup, coconut tenders.nah,kidding(although, I bought a really big bag so thats not a bad idea.)It means CURRY BUNSSSSS!!!>_< !!!!So right now,curry.later after-finiSH The FREAKIn Gaddessa already.

Ah,panko awesomeness.