Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17, 2009 - Purple is a fruit.and a pain

Got around to workin on the Gnx.wanted to do a pretty easy build.sorta a "relaxer" kit after the gadessa. the only things I'll do for it besides a straight build is some panel lining,gunmetal all the dark grey runners,maybe paint the eyes(thats a maybe),do some clear purple on the clear parts, and paint the cartridge cylinders on the gun.Just so you know,there's like no clear purple.(least not at my local hobbytown usa which has every tamiya paint listed on their website)and you can't just make it from mixing clear red and clear doesn't make purple.its makes brown.thats right,brown. you want purple and you get clear doo doo brown. Anyone out there who did a macross frontier valkryie and wanted to take care of the canopy knows my pain. Luckly, a while back I stumbled on a vf-25 review that gave just what I needed. I believe it was Jerrod's exhaustible vf-25f review or something like it. it it, he also posted pictures of his final product. looked like a really good purple.the combo for this seemingly perfect clear purple for the canopy?
He used model master clear,tamiya clear blue, and model master purple pearl.

I did the same recipe,but with tamiya turned out fine.problem was I then realized the gnx's purple is more of a purple pearl(which is like a brighter burgundy with more purple) than a tinted blue-purple. see the problem? I got purple pearl but it isn't clear.pAIn,what a PAIN! I ended up mixing more drops of clear blue and more purple pearl til it got close enough. I'll use the decal bandai in combo with the painted clear piece.hopefully, that'll do the trick.(is it me or did I say I wanted an easy build and I just went through all this????) I DO,however have the perfect mix for the canopy for my vf when I do that, so I got that down,score.

I hope this'll be enough for later.

This is actually my 2nd mix,since the first was too blue

The lighting isn't so good and I can't use the flash(shines too much blue since this isn't a deep purple) but I hope the much brighter purple pearl decal will help with this.(ugh, I hate using those sticker decals sometimes,grr...deep breath*,"its a relaxer kit,its a relaxer kit")

The Goal - Finish the GnX by end of today.IT WILL BE DONE.

...and finish uploading the Gadessa Gallery pics.

P.s - OMG, its freaking New Comic DAY!!!whoo!!! I picked up reading iron man a while back a bit before the extremis arc and have been reading since. just hate how I gotta wait forever for the issues to come out(even longer now, since alot of focus is on the dark reign than how it affects the leftovers of pre-dark reign.),but I still appreciate just getting the ability to still have it in circulation.

oh and thanks to Spite,its sooooo much better when its in stereo and not mono.gracias