Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13, 2009 - It lives,IT LIVESSSS!!!!


While the Project Real G seems to be coming to a close and the premiere is technically on July 11th, almost everything is done. I guess they aren't gonna do the buster rifle and shield?aww.anyways,the gimmicks are being tested, and most visiters to the park can already see it. I mean, its huge so how can a little fence hide it from people?heh ?{^^}?the first vid is kinda funny. The oohs and Ahs that follow with alittle movement.its like cavemen and fire,hahaha. but,really, it is a sight to behold. lucky park goers. They get a bada$$ gundam statue, I get a plain crummy park.grr. I swear, if There's an Optimus prime erected in another japanese park sometime soon, heads will ROLLLLLLLLL!!!!(>_<)!!!!!!

New updated photos from Danny Choo.