Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 06, 2009 - Really good shopping day or new "window dressing"? - pretty cashiers.

So I had to pick up a few items for the cafe today and some things for me.(for one, I was out of clear coat. again.) Anyways, when I went shopping for the cafe I had to go to some asian food markets for slabs of meat and for a few boxes of oil. unfortunately, I had to go to like 3 markets to get all the meat and another one for a box of oil(man, just to save a few bucks,jeez.) I could be making alot of something out of nothing,but every asain marketplace was like this. all main cashiers were these cute and pretty girls. It was a little wierd. There's not normally a setting like that. a few pretty ones,some average "could look nice if they tried",some normals, and some "eh"(man, I don't souund vain in the least, do I? ^^;).But they were all cute,pretty, and attractive. And like, no male cashiers at all. Not that I'm complaining I guess. There was usually maybe 1 or 2 side cashiers-probably a supervisor or whatever.Usually older individuals who stood apart from the cute cashiers. Oh yeah- another thing,funny. It was like a 1 to 3 ratio for the pretty cashiers that spoke an asian dialect over the ones that only spoke'd think there'd be more bilinguals,but hmm...Then again, it could be due to the mass americanization of many asain youths these days.hmmm. It was either a nice shopping day for me or many markets are inplementing "window dressing" for their cashiers.hmmm. I would've taken a picture to post to show these weird occurances,but 2 reasons.

1-Didn't really process the info til the drive home(must be due to like a "hotness overload" due to me being around that many attractive girls at once.not really a norm these days for me.HAH, then again when does that happen at all??Although, could be I was just focused on the errands at hand thus the not thinking about it til I was done and on the way home.)

2-How would it look if I just took pictures of these women??? I'd probably look like some creepy little lecher. The ones who spoke only english would yell, "ekkk,pervert!!" and the ones that did speak another language would call me a pervert or something in an asian dialect.least that would be the worst scenario. or I'd take a cell pic and then I'd just get the weirdest looks til I left the store.Not a pleasant thought .

Interesting day Indeed. Another day or so on gadessa.Had to do some extra work so the gn mega launcher would work without any problems-sanding,recoating,etc.